Netivot HaTorah Day School

Your path to Torah, Israel and Derech Eretz begins at Netivot HaTorah Day School

Netivot HaTorah is a co-educational orthodox elementary Jewish Day School that offers an ideal learning environment that enriches your child and your home; creates lively Shabbat tables, a passion for yidishkeit, commitment to our religion and a deep connection to Eretz Yisrael. At Netivot HaTorah personalities emerge, individuality develops, friendships form, and your child thrives. That is our commitment. At Netivot HaTorah, we believe that building character in our students is essential in helping them become active and contributing members of our school, their family and of the broader community. We complement those personal middot with a solid, challenging academic foundation.

Mission & Vision

Netivot HaTorah is the natural choice for Orthodox Jewish families in the GTA who subscribe to the ideals of Torah, Israel and Derech Eretz.





Rabbi Jeff Rothman (680x1024)

Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Rothman's Blog Posts

  1. A Weekly Blog Rabbi Rothman shares with teaching staff: Let's Talk About Learning
  2. Rabbi Rothman's Weekly Thought on the Parsha: A Thought on the Parsha




At Netivot HaTorah, technology is used to develop skills through meaningful learning experiences, that are integrated into various areas of the curriculum.Follow our Education Through Innovation Blog for regular updates.



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