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Welcome to Netivot's Middle School.

The transition years of Middle School are unique. Emerging teenagers have individual needs and concerns that are supported and addressed in our warm and caring environment. Netivot HaTorah's Middle School teachers and staff are committed to educating students to the highest standard while supporting them as they evolve and grow into young Jewish adults. Here we support our students as they explore the opportunities and challenges of the Middle School years with compassion and kindness.

Middle School Curriculum


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Netivot HaTorah's Middle School offers a stimulating and comprehensive Limudei Kodesh program/curriculum  as well as a first-rate, challenging general studies program which nurtures our Middle School students and prepares them for high school.

In Jewish Studies we incorporate several essential components which provide our student's the foundation for continued Torah study at higher levels. Our caring, professional staff, comprised of North American and Israeli certified teachers, creates a warm and supportive environment in the classroom. Through ongoing commitment in Ivrit B’Ivrit, our intensive Hebrew language program, Middle School students continue to acquire and really begin implementing the Hebrew language skills necessary to study our sacred texts. Our curriculum encompasses Chumash, Navi, Mishna and Talmud, Jewish laws and customs, and daily Tefillah.

Netivot HaTorah's Middle School follows the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines providing a first rate general studies curriculum.
Our Middle School teachers are skilled and caring,  their lessons are challenging and their commitment is to prepare our students for the future.

Our students have discovery opportunities in science labs, with technology, and with creative arts projects that have relevance to their daily lives
and inspire them as learners and as individuals.

Meet Our Team

Name Position ext Email
Ms. Tamara Grunberger Middle School Director 242 tgrunberger@netivot.com
Mr. Michael Bernstein Mathematics – 7 & 8B 251 mbernstein@netivot.com
Rabbi Shalom David Jewish Studies – 6, 7G, 8 sdavid@netivot.com
Rabbi Elliott Diamond Jewish Life and Issues (JLI) –8 226 rabbidiamond@netivot.com
Mr. Larry Dizenhouse French – 7 & 8 267 ldizenhouse@netivot.com
Ms. Diana Gold Social Studies – 6G & 7

Physical Education – 6G, 7G, 8G

281 dgold@netivot.com
Ms. Shayna Goldberg Podolski NESS – Middle School Jewish Studies 308 sgoldberg@netivot.com
Ms. Gabrielle Goldenberg Math – 6B, 8G

Science - 6

206 ggoldenberg@netivot.com
Ms. Lori Grysman Chumash – 6G, 7G, 8G

Navi – 7G, 8G

250 lgrysman@netivot.com
Rabbi David Kadoch Jewish Studies – 6 & 8 288 dkadoch@netivot.com
Ms. Saundra Kirschner Podolski NESS – Middle School General Studies

French – 6B

Madame Betty Klein French – 6G 253 bklein@netivot.com
Ms. Davida Lebowitz Lanuage Arts – 6G, 7G, 8G

Social Studies - 8

245 dlebowitz@netivot.com
Mr. Elazar Morel Physical Education – 6B, 7B, 8B 270 emorel@netivot.com
Ms. Bailey Newman School Counselor

Advisory – 6G

256 bnewman@netivot.com
Ms. Orly Rachamim Technology Integrator

Math – 6G

244 orachamim@netivot.com
Mr. Andy Reiner Science – 8, 7

Language Arts – 8B

285 areiner@netivot.com
Ms. Heather Slapack Podolski NESS - ESL 286 hslapack@netivot.com
Rabbi Mordechai Stein Jewish Studies – 6 & 7 268 mstein@netivot.com
Morah Liora Weitzner Ivrit – 6, 7, 8 274 lweitzner@netivot.com
Ms. Karen Yehudaiff Podolski NESS – Middle School General Studies Support

Learning Strategies

Morah Tehilla Zadok Jewish Studies – 6G

Ivrit – 7B


Extra Curricular and Clubs

IMG_1820We embrace and acknowledge the positive impact that extra and co-curricular activities have on our students well being.

The Middle School TRUST (Tolerance, Respect, Unity, Spirit & Team-building) program encourages and provides opportunities for students to develop good middot and character traits. We explore topics such as bullying, team-building, respect and tolerance through creative programming, special speakers and activities. Through this program students have had opportunity to visit a local retirement home, play in intramural sport leagues, go on a team-building trip to Camp Robinhood and participate in workshops on middot with our B'not Sherut.

Below are a list of just some of our programs and activities:


  • Debate Club
  • Theater Club
  • Cookie Club
  • Music Club
  • Book Club
  • Tech Club
  • Current Events Club
  • Art Club
  • Middle School Information Screen Club
  • School Newsletter
  • Girls Yoga
  • SALO (Student Activity Leadership Opportunities)
  • Parsha Heat

Sport Tournaments:

  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Floor Hockey
  • Boys Flag Football
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Softball

School Sports Teams:

  • Boys Panthers
  • Girls Panthers

Miscellaneous Tournaments and Activities:

  • Debate Tournament
  • Middle School Chess Tournament
  • Retirement Home Trips
    Bar Mitzvah Program
  • Bat Mitzvah Program
  • Mishmar

Chagim Activities:

  • Rosh HaShana
  • Yom Kippur Reflections
  • Chanukah Play and Programs
  • Purim Activities
  • Pesach Food Drive
  • Yom HaShoah Play
  • Yom Hazikaron Performance
  • Yom Ha'atzmaut Festivities
  • Shavuot Syium

Special Speakers:

  • Authors
  • Police Division on Cyberbullying
  • Local Synagogue Rabbis

Middle School Teacher Web Sites

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