tech7The integration of technology is an essential part of enhancing the learning process in all areas of the curriculum at Netivot HaTorah. Students acquire the necessary skills in order to demonstrate proper usage of technology devices including hardware, software and web applications. Digital citizenship and safety are an integral part of this process.

At Netivot, Technological devices are used to develop 21st Century skills through meaningful learning experiences which are integrated into various areas of the curriculum.  By providing our students with these learning opportunities to develop these skills, our goal is that they continue to learn, thrive and succeed, while at the same time maintaining our core values of Torah, Israel and Derech Eretz.

Check out Netivot's Technology Lab blog page for a complete list of educational activities and resources our students are currently working on.

Robotics Club 2015-16

Robotics Club 2014

Netivot's First Annual Technology Showcase: An Evening of Innovation

Netivot's 1st Annual Technology Showcase: An Evening of Innovation took place on Monday, March 10, 2014. The program was met with great success, as attendees participated in an interactive evening of technology and innovation.

The program gave tech club students the opportunity to showcase how technology is changing the way they are learning and to present projects and applications they have been working on in and outside of the classroom. Event participants were given hands-on demonstrations by our tech club students of the various technological devices they and their peers use at school.

The event could not have been made possible without the following teachers: Mrs. Shauna Rosenberg, Rabbi David Kadoch, Ms. Diana Gold, Mrs. Naomi Nemirov and Ms. Frayda Gershuni.  And to the following tech club students, thank your participation and work leading up to the event: Yonatan Safran, Michael Roberts, Mikayla Daniels, Yossi Nurgitz, Shlomit Katz, Shira Avital, Rena Torczyner and Yoni Gold.

A special thank you to Netivot's Director of IT, Padmaja Bharath and to Netivot's Technology Integrator, Orly Rachamin for facilitating this event and to both of them for their continued commitment to incorporating innovation into Netivot's curriculum.

Here is our Prezi on Technology Integration at Netivot!

Tech Club 2013-2014

Tech Club meets every week to explore the latest trends and tools in educational technology. Grades 6-8 students meet every Wednesday at 11:30 and Grades 4-5 students meet on Thursdays at 12:30. All sessions take place in the Technology Lab (Room 203). Check out our word cloud of the programs, tools and skills we will be working on in Tech Club this term!

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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Our Grades 4-8 students had a fabulous time participating in Netivot's 2nd Annual BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Week. Our students were completely engaged in the range of in-class digital activities, whether on their own devices or ones provided from school. Through BYOD Week, we introduce our students to educational apps they can continue to use at home as well as at school in their learning centres.

Congrats to our BYOD presentation winners: Michael Segal, Shaya Horowitz, Liora Benmergui, Coby Cohen, Avivit Nsiri, Jacob Gottschalk, Ben Nemirov, Jonah Spodek, Hadar Wercberger, Jonah Mayer and Miriam Dukes.


Click here to read the BYOD Brochure


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