Super Easy and Convenient

You don’t have to change your buying habits to participate in this program. Simply visit the school to purchase pre-paid SuperDollars gift cards for a variety of popular grocers.

  • SuperDollars gift cards give you dollar for dollar value. A $100 card yields $100 in groceries.

  • Using SuperDollars is the same as paying with a gift card— no signature or PIN required.

  • Pay for your SuperDollars gift cards with your credit card to earn loyalty program points.

  • SuperDollars gift cards do not expire.

  • A great gift for family, friends, and co-workers.

Best of all, every time you participate in the SuperDollars program, Netivot HaTorah receives a percentage of the profits back from participating grocers.

Participating Stores

SuperDollars gift cards are available for these fine grocers in the following set denominations: $50, $100, $250.

  • Concord Food Centre
  • Food Basics

  • Fortinos

  • FreshCo.

  • Savours Gourmet (Hartmans signature)

  • Kosher City

  • Loblaws

  • Magen Meats

  • Metro

  • No Frills

  • Price Chopper

  • Real Canadian Superstore

  • Shoppers Drug Mart

  • Sobeys

  • Toronto Kosher

A $100 gift card = $100 worth of goods

Pick Up In Person

For your convenience, gift cards are available for purchase and pickup at both our North and South Campuses.

Main Office
Debbie Pitch, Belina Patini
18 Atkinson Avenue
Thornhill, ON L4J 8C8
(905) 771-1234,

Order by Email

Place your SuperDollars gift card order from the comfort of your own home. Email You will receive a confirmation email indicating the status of your order.

Payment Options

Cash Cheque