Super Easy and Convenient Using the UGO Wallet App!

We are excited to announce that our SuperDollars program is going digital with the UGO Wallet mobile app!
Superdollars benefit each and every child at Netivot by raising funds for school programs and resources at no additional cost to you!
What Are The Benefits Of Using The New SuperDollars App?
  • Buy and receive digital gift cards on your phone in seconds, even while waiting in the checkout line
  • No more carrying physical cards around with you
  • No more worrying about your cards being misplaced, lost or stolen
  • Access new retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and Indigo
  • Additional stores will be added throughout the year

Why Are We Going Digital?

The change to the new digital program will allow us to increase the funds we raise, as it:
  • is much easier to use
  • has new retailers that will appeal to more people
  • reduces the cost and administrative workload required to administer the program
How Do You Get Started?
  1. Download UGO by clicking the following link: Android smartphone or iPhone
  2. Register using the same email Netivot uses to communicate with you (important: only emails already registered by Netivot can be used)
  3. Enter school promo code: NH2019 and agree to the Participant Terms and Conditions
  4. Buy e-gift cards from Amazon, Indigo, Sobeys and Walmart and you will automatically contribute to Netivot
  5. Redeem digital gift cards at merchants in-store or online
A Few Important Notes About The Retailers:
  • We know that not all of our regular stores are available but hope the new additions will meet your needs.
  • Due to the popularity of PC gift cards, these will still be available for purchase in the office and we hope they will become a new addition to the app overtime.
  • This app is used by a variety of organizations, and therefore non-kosher vendors are listed as well.
For more detailed information on how to purchase your SuperDollars CLICK HERE.
How Can Family Members Buy SuperDollars To Help Raise Money For The School?
  • Click here to provide us with the email addresses of non-Netivot family members.
  • No need to add the emails of Netivot parents as they are ALREADY in the system.
  • Once non-Netivot family members are added to the system they will be able to use UGO for all their digital gift card purchases, using the Netivot promo code as above.
Need Help?

If you need any help with the app, representatives from UGO will be at the school during curriculum night tonight (and next week at the south campus) to help you answer any questions.

Contact Shani Halperin at, or for technical questions email or call 1-844-838-1192.

A $100 gift card = $100 worth of goods

Payment Options