Please write a message of appreciation to our wonderful school counselors Lindsay and Atara for all their amazing work this year.

Thank you Lindsay for helping me when I needed.

Eliana Eltes
Emunah Horowitz

Thank you very much for being the best teachers ever. I really enjoyed learning this year and I'm reallly looking forward to see you next year.

Yehonatan Yisrael Horovitz

Dear Linsay and Atara,
I know I don't see you so often because we are doing zoom school. And because of COVID-19 I get very stressed, frusterated, dissapointed, and angry. But the programs that you run are very helpful for me.

Thank you so much,
Adiya Barda

Adiya Barda

Dear Lindsay, you were a great school counselor cause you were fun, funny and nice! Thank you for everything.
From Margalit


Dear Lindsay
I had a great year with you. You made me so happy when I was sad or mad thanks so much
Leah Grauman


Dear Lindsay, I don`t see you much because were online but I know your sweet caring helpful and many more.when we were in school you organized clubs and fun activity`s to help people to get over stress that are really helpful.
Thank you,
Maytal Benarroch

Maytal Benarroch

Thank you Lindsay for always listening when I needed to chat, I hope you have the best summer!!!

Libby Lederman

dear Lindsy and Atara thank you for all of your help all I know is that I will miss everyone ones I go.. thanks again,
Efrat.. your GIRL buddy..

Efrat Pollak

Thank you for all the support for during a very challenging time! We are so grateful.

The Frenkel Family
Wall Of Gratitude – TEACHERS

The Frenkel Family

Thank you Linday and Atara for helping us figure out our problems throughout the year, all though it is a tough time for all of us, you helped us through it. Thank you,
Emma Breitbart

Emma Breitbart

Dear Lindsay,
Thank you for helping me this year!
I hope you have a great summer!

Talia Turk

I am going to miss you guys over the summer
Netivot has helped me so much since grade 3 its the best school i have ever been to I have the best teachers ever!

Gabriella Oziel