Dear miss Rewald and Morah Ariella

Thank you for such a great year . I know it was super difficult to teach like this but you sure made it seem easy . Looking forward to a normal year next year for you guys and the kids!

Shoshana and yummy Schachter

I miss you guys! thank you staff for everything! i want a big shoutout to my teachers!

Emma Breitbart

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A special treat of being home these last few weeks is starting every morning with Morah Esther and Morah Leora singing the Boker Tov song. It helps ground me (forget about the kids!) to look around at the many blessings all around us. Thank you for starting each day with our children with joy, calm and love.
With love, Arielle Berger, Gavriella Held, and Dan, Merav and Reva

Arielle Berger, Gavriella Held, and Dan, Merav and Reva

To all the amazing teachers and administrative staff
Thank you so much for the incredible effort made to facilitate the excellent online learning program - we are so grateful that the students can continue to learn , grow , remained engaged and stimulated and maintain a close connection with the school , their teachers and their fellow students under these challenging circumstances.
Todah Raba
Sharon Warren and Michal Bean

Sharon Warren and Michal Bean

To all the Netivot teachers and staff,
Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help our kids feel connected and engaged during these times! We are so appreciative of all of your efforts! We know how much time and effort you are spending planning and running an entirely new program. We wanted to especially thank Rabbi B and Morah Chaya B- our nursery daughter looks forward to your engaging zoom songs and stories every day!
Thank you!!
Kellerstein Family

Kellerstein Family

Thank you to Mr. Dean Rabie for the very informative & important Digital Competency lessons. Your knowledge, care and patience is so appreciated!! You have made such a positive impact to our daily routine.

To all the terrific, professional and kind Grade 2 teachers - THANK YOU, TODAH RABBAH!!! You are teaching our children so much more than the requirements; & each day, with enthusiasm & an abundance of love! You have made online distance learning a very comfortable & meaningful learning experience!!

Hana Rutman

To the Netivot Family,
Thank you for paying to attention to the little details. The little considerations and sparks of fun that come through every day. All of the programs planned online, the dedication of the teachers and staff really make us feel like a family.

Michael and galit Friedmann

Thank you!

Koby and Simi Cashman

Thank you to our amazing JK and SK Morahs for the work that you do. Your lesson plans are so well done, and you show up to Zoom school every day full of positive energy and enthusiasm for learning. We could not do this without you.

Lea & Avi Minkowitz

A tremendous thank you to the amazing staff at Netivot. We are so grateful for your countless hours of preparation and your constant support— educationally and emotionally. We are so grateful for the personal ways you have checked in on our children— emails, phone calls, private zooms. We are so grateful for the ways that you have made our children (and ourselves) feel good about all efforts during these challenging times. One beautiful part of this experience is being able to listen to the teachers during their lessons— the kindness and patience that we are able to hear from the teachers during the zoom lessons is truly a testament to the amazing culture at Netivot which we feel so blessed to be a part of.
We know there are so many exceptional staff members who are working so hard (while juggling your families at home at the same time) and we are so grateful to you and your families during this challenging time.
Thank you from the Eltes family.

Ariella and Jonathan Eltes

A huge thank you to all the Morot and staff at Netivot! A special thank you as well to Rabbi B. When Pesach arrived you couldn’t tell that she had been out of school as she was so well prepared for the Chag due to wonderful instruction and songs. Each morning Tamar wakes up and asks “Do I have Morah on the computer today?” Shabbos and Sunday are a real disappointment for her! Not to mention the personal phone calls her Morot have all made to check in on her. Obviously she misses her teachers and friends so much, and online learning doesn’t compare to the in school experience. That being said you all have adapted so efficiently and qualitatively to provide her with a wonderful learning experience in these compromised times. It’s been fun getting to know some of the Netivot North campus staff as well. We are truly so grateful to Netivot for mobilizing and creating this exciting program from which Tamar continues to grow. We look forward to being reunited in the near future with good health for all!
Many thanks!

Dovid, Malkie, and Tamar Feintuch

Dovid and Malkie Feintuch

To all the teachers at Netivot, and to all the staff helping out behind the scenes,
Thank you so much for ALL your hard work and perseverance. These are unprecedented times, and we are really impressed at how Netivot has been able to transform learning, kids' and parents' well being, and our sense of Netivot community, to the online platform. We are all continuing to learn and adapt in these times.
Thank you so much!
Lori & Steve Frenkiel

Lori & Steve Frenkiel

Thank You Morah Penina! The help you provide is second to none. Your dedication to your students is unbelievable and deeply appreciated.

Shoshannah Engel

We are so thankful for the unbelievable job the Netivot faculty and admin has done totally transforming the entirety of the school experience online. To do it basically on the fly makes it even more remarkable. From reading groups to check ins, worksheets and zoom classes it’s really unbelievable how you guys have managed to incorporate so much into the online experience. We are so thankful that our kids are not only continuing to learn, but the sense of structure and normalcy you’ve been able to gift our kids through this. THANK YOU!!!

Jenn and Danny Diamond

To the amazing Netivot teachers and administration,

We continue to be amazed at the warmth, thoughtfulness and creativity put into each and every class and special activity. One would never guess we are in the midst of a pandemic when you turn on Netivot Zoom and see the teachers' smiling faces and enthusiasm! We have really enjoyed being a part of our kids' learning experience and getting a sense of why they love going to school each day.

We are so grateful for all the dedication and hard work that has gone into transitioning to a virtual school, and for Netivot's commitment to not only educating our children, but providing them with an example of how to shine under trying circumstances.

Thank you again and we hope to see you all very soon in person!!

Rena and Dani, Kira, Kayla and Alex Neufeld

Rena and Dani Neufeld

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful teaching and administration staff at Netivot! It was truly remarkable to see how quickly you were able to pivot and switch to online learning, creating engaging content from day one. We are extremely grateful for all of your hard work and dedication - we know it is not an easy task to teach online while juggling your own home responsibilities as well. We feel lucky to be part of such a wonderful school with such amazing teachers! Kol Hakavod!

The Koval Family

Sarah Koval

Dear Netivot teachers and administration,

We can’t thank you enough!! You’ve continued to teach with enthusiasm and love during these difficult times. You’ve kept up positive communications and managed to bring excitement for Pesach and Yom Haatzmaut even through the screen. You’ve managed to keep up with the different learning styles and levels and have continued to offer ways to make sure each child succeeds.

We feel so lucky and grateful to be a part of the Netivot community. Our quarantine days are made so much brighter with the teachers smiling faces, the davening and singing throughout the house, and of course Rabbi B’s daily songs and skits.

Thank you again for everything you do!! We hope to see you all soon!

Special shout out to: Pre-Nursery/Nursery teachers, JK/SK teachers, Grade 2 teachers, NESS department, Ms. Marilyn and Rabbi B!

Daniella and Seth, William, James and Sophie Greenspan

Greenspan family

Nous remercions chaleureusement un merveilleux professeur de français qui nous manque beaucoup. Ce n'est pas facile d'enseigner une deuxième langue en ligne - et encore plus difficile d'enseigner une troisième! Mille mercis a Mme Wilson! La famille Cousineau-Horowitz

Rachel Cousineau

I would like to thank Rabbi Stein for his very clear, colour-coded gemara sheets. What wonderful tools for learning! They are a nice compliment to the videos and Zoom classes. Thank you for your dedication and good humour, Rabbi Stein. From the Cousineau-Horowitz family.

Rachel Cousineau

Thank you so much to all the teachers and administrators! We am in awe of how much our kids have learned in the last few weeks, all thanks to your efforts. We know it isn't easy working from home and juggling so much, yet you still manage to use a new platform really effectively and give the kids an amazing educational experience. Thank you for your hard work and dedication - we are very grateful!!

Sapirman Family

To our sons' teachers (SKA, 4C):
Thank you for bringing so much warmth and positive energy into our homes everyday. Your lessons are always delivered with enthusiasm and you never fail to remind your students how much they are missed and that you are available for any additional support.
Thank you to all the behind-the-scenes staff for making the new learning experience possible. It's been amazing to see how everything came together so beautifully and how you are continuously looking for ways to improve and accommodate.
Kol hakavod!
-Shlomo and Lirane Buzaglo

Shlomo and Lirane Buzaglo

Thank you to all our AMAZING teachers who work so hard to make the best of these crazy time..
It is very much appreciated!
The Pollak fam.

Doria Pollak

Thank you to all the Netivot teachers and staff!!!

Eitan, Alex, Eliana, Dalia & Shlomie

We wanted to thank so very much all of the teachers for the amazing work they are doing with our kids! Learning to adapt to online learning so quickly and effectively is truly amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and time spent educating our kids during this tough time while at the same time parenting your own children. With much gratitude
Jenn and Jay feldman.

Jenn and Jay Feldman

Dear Netivot staff,
Thank you SO much for all that you do every day. From the interactive and detailed lessons, to your upbeat zoom classes- you have made the best of a bad situation, and for that we will forever be grateful. Morah Naomi, Morah Ariela, Ms. Rewald, Morah Haya, RABBI B!- we adore you.
Thank you!!!

Aviva Zieleniec & Jon Grauman, Leah, Binyamin (and Aryeh)

thank you so much to all the teachers! Layla is particularly enjoying her class with Morah Chaya and is obsessed with watching Rabbi B videos all day!!! They have been a life saver.

Talya and Jeremy Silver

Talya and Jeremy Silver

Thank you to Morah Liora who just did a phone call instead of a zoom today for Ilan when our internet was not working well! A big Todah Rabah to all of the teachers for always being there and supporting the students! We are so appreciative of all the time and effort that you put in; scheduling, lesson planning and giving guidance. Thank you!!!

Naomi and Zvi Glustein

To the Netivot educators and administrators who continuously exemplify deep rooted dedication to academic excellence. We are extremely grateful that our children have the opportunity in these unfamiliar times to continue to excel with the guidance of their teachers. Netivot is a school that perseveres and advocates for its students without exception. We are very fortunate to be a part of this school. With profound appreciation, The Haver Family

The Haver Family

Thank you to all the amazing teachers!!

The Adatto family

Deena Adatto

We have immense gratitude for all the work the teachers put into teaching our children at a distance! We are so impressed with the excitement and special attention you put into each lesson. Sometimes it feels like you are actually in the room with the students! We thank Netivot for the quick transition to online school and for all the efforts to adjust and improve the program. Yishair Kochachem!

Strauchler Family

Thank you to my amazing teachers, Ms. Pick and Mrs. Wise (aka Morah) for making classes so fun and interesting!

Miss you!

Jesse (aka Yishai) Black

The Black Family

We just wanted to express a huge amount of gratitude for all of the hard work that has gone into the online learning program. We are in awe at the organisation, adaptability, and professionalism of the teachers and administration. As a household in which the bulk of the parenting during this time falls on one parent (I'm a frontline worker in a hospital), it's comforting to me to know that the kids have ample activities/work to keep them occupied during the day when I cannot be there.

More importantly, we are blown away by the love and compassion shown by the teachers and assistants. The classroom check-ins are probably the most valuable part of this entire program, but even outside of those times, the teachers are asking the kids how they are doing, making sure they are playing outside, telling them jokes, and calling to read bedtime stories. These moments have really helped to make the best of a difficult situation.

Thank you again for everything that you all do. We are so grateful.

Jessica Gilbert and Steve Mendel

Jessica Gilbert & Steve Mendel

Burkis Family

Burkis Family

Burkis Family

Burkis Family

Burkis Family

To the Netivot Staff!

Thank you so much for all your passion and commitment to ensure that our children continue getting the best education possible even in during this challenging time. Your dedication has been proven through your fast response to our quarantine, and I’m sure that it was not easy to arrange and organize such an outstanding program without a minute wasted. A big Thank you again! You efforts will not be forgotten!

The Shemesh Family

Shemesh Family

To our amazing Teachers,

Thank you!!! Thank you for all your hard work and effort over these last few weeks. Thank you for continuing to keep our children engaged and learning (and busy!). Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unusual times. Thank you for your care and concern throughout it all. Our children are lucky to have you and so are we!

Mashie & Ezra Feintuch

Thank you Mrs Diamond for your amazing well delivered & talented art video lessons, the kids are thoroughly enjoying them!

Hana Rutman

To all the Netivot teaching staff,
Thank you for working as hard as you do, during these very trying times.
We know how much effort and time has gone into planning all of the Zoom classes, and we are so grateful for it.
You have continued to teach our children with the same enthusiasm, warmth and professionalism as you did when in the classroom - for that, and so much more, THANK YOU!
With gratitude,
Leigh and Avi Elzas

Leigh and Avi Elzas